What is the application deadline for the PharmD Program?

The application deadline is February 1st of each year for the PharmD Program.

What is the address where my application should be mailed?

Florida A&M University, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Office of Student Services, 1415 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32307

What was the average admission GPA for the students entering the PharmD Program?

Last year’s average G.P.A. was 3.47

What happens if the application packet is incomplete?

Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

Is the PCAT required?

Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences does not require the PCAT.

Are my classes transferable to Florida A&M University?

a. A student who has attended any regionally accredited college of university and has earned twelve (12) or more semester hours is considered a transfer student when applying to enter Florida A&M University. Transfer students admitted to FAMU are required to have official transcripts from previous institutions on file in the University Admissions Office prior to evaluation. Credits are transferred based on the following:
b. The institution must be regionally accredited.
c. The overall grade point average is 2.00 or better on the transfer transcript.
d. Grades of individual courses to be transferred are “C” or better, “S” or “P”

How many students apply to your program?

We receive on average 6 qualified applications per seat.

How many people are admitted into your program?

We admit approximately 150 per year in the first professional year. Admissions is for Fall semester only.

International Students: Is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) required in order to apply to the College of Pharmacy?

Yes, FAMU encourages international students with superior academic scholastic records and adequate English proficiency to apply for admissions.

How much is your tuition for In-state and Out-of-state?

Financial Aid information can be located at:

What are the Laptop Requirements

All students are required to have a laptop computer capable of running Windows 10 or at least macOS Catalina (10.15) for Apple laptops.

Learn more about the laptop requirements here.

What is the difference between the PharmD and PhD degrees?

The PharmD is the only pharmacy degree that leads to licensure as a pharmacist in all 50 states. The PhD is a research- focused degree that permits graduates to conduct research in academic, industrial and governmental laboratories.

Does the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences require the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) Participation?

No. FAMU processes all of its pharmacy admissions independent of any outside agency.

Do you need a B.S. Degree before applying to the PharmD Program?

No. The PharmD Program admission is either after completion of 2 years of pre-pharmacy pre-requisites or with an Associate of Arts Degree (AA) or with Bachelor Degree and completion of all pre-requisites.

Graduate Programs

What is the application deadline for the Graduate Program in pharmaceutical sciences and public health?

The application deadline is April 1 for the College of Pharmacy graduate programs

Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required for admissions?

Yes. All applicants to graduate programs in the State of Florida must submit a GRE score, even if other admission criteria are satisfied. The College of Pharmacy requires all applicants to submit GRE scores as part of the application packet.

How many students are admitted into your graduate programs?

Enrollment in the graduate programs in the College of Pharmacy is limited due to research facilities, number of faculty and the availability of research and student financial support.