The Division of Clinical Affairs comprises clinical practice faculty and economic, social and administrative sciences faculty with diverse research and practice interests. Clinical faculty specialize in geriatrics, cardiology, endocrinology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, pediatrics, pharmacokinetics, and women’s health. Economic, social and administrative sciences faculty are experts in issues related to health outcomes and economics, multi-criteria decision analysis, evaluation of pharmacists in delivering care, health technology, comparative effectiveness research and medication-related health care policy.

Courses focus on pharmacotherapy and the health care system. Clinical faculty provide instruction in the didactic and experiential curriculum. They provide direct practice experiences to student pharmacists and are concerned with professional training as it relates to patients, delivery of health care services, and standards of pharmacy practice. Economic, social and administrative faculty are committed to being leaders in health outcomes and comparative effectiveness research for diverse populations. The faculty train PharmD and graduate students in health outcomes research, pharmacoeconomics, health behavior and health care policy research from the perspective of comparative effectiveness and health disparities.

To improve health and wellness of individuals and society by enhancing drug therapy outcomes through producing outstanding graduates from our educational programs, conducting scholarly research, and providing exemplary professional and innovative clinical services. To promote health equity by improving health and pharmaceutical outcomes through interdisciplinary research, training and service.

Our goals to support the faculty in this mission:

  • To strategically position the Division of Clinical Affairs to be a leader in clinical/translational research
  • To develop and demonstrate pharmacy practice models that advance the professional practice of pharmacists and to involve our students and residents in advanced pharmacy practice experiences
  • To develop our mission of excellence in teaching through advanced pedagogy and development of assessment expertise within the College of Pharmacy
  • To develop a nationally recognized team of leading researchers whose aim is to improve the quality of medication use through the study of systems, providers’ and patients’ perspectives, and behaviors that affect the medication use process; and conduct research in health outcomes and comparative effectiveness