The Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) program component of Title III in the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s (FAMU) College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (COPPS) is designed to increase the production of the PhD, MS, MPH, DrPH and PharmD graduates who are African-Americans and underrepresented minorities and to enhance the overall quality of the graduate and professional programs. To achieve this goal, the College is engaged in nine (9) additional sub-activities as a part of the Title III Program. They include the following activities:


  • Graduate Program Coordination
  • Public Health GIS Laboratory Program
  • Enhancement of Pharmacy Technology
  • Pharmacoeconomics Research Laboratory
  • Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory
  • Jacksonville Pharmacy Practice Division Laboratory
  • Patient Assessment Laboratory

CARE Tutorial Laboratory
The overall graduate program provides academic, administrative and financial support for the operation of the graduate programs in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and public health. It provides a supportive environment reflective of the University’s commitment to excellence in meeting the educational needs of African Americans and other underrepresented minorities.

The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ goals and objectives are to:

  • Enhance and broaden all aspects of the graduate program with emphasis on the quality of faculty and students; offer more diverse PharmD, MPH, MS, DrPH and PhD degree programs; and provide training in critical skill areas in which African Americans are underrepresented;
  • Improve coordination and effectiveness of the admission, enrollment, retention and financial assistance operations at the graduate level; and improve communications with prospective and enrolled students and their parents;
  • Enhance quality of graduate level instruction, advisement, counseling, assessment and reporting;
  • Upgrade and enhance the use of information technology by faculty, students and staff for enhanced instructional, administrative and research capabilities;
  • Maintain the efficacy of documentation and information management for all funded grant activities according to federal guidelines;
  • Increase the amount of corporate, alumni and private contributions to the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences;

Title III support has enabled the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to achieve the following milestones:

  • To graduate over 20% of the nation’s African American pharmacists;
  • To enroll the largest number and percentage of African Americans in the PharmD program;
  • To graduate over 60% of the African American PhD recipients in the four areas of the pharmaceutical sciences;
  • To enroll the largest number and the largest percentage of African Americans pursuing a PhD in one of the pharmaceutical sciences;
  • To become the first institution in the State of Florida to offer the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree program;
  • To enroll the largest number of African Americans pursing the DrPH degree in Florida A&M University;
  • To develop state-of-the-art pharmacy technology to support both the PharmD and PhD programs;
  • To acquire state-of-the-art research equipment to provide training to PharmD and PhD students;
  • To achieve the first scholarship endowment by the pharmacy alumni association to support minority students;
  • To expand pharmacy practice divisions to Jacksonville, Florida to increase opportunities for clinical training site availability.

The Title III program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.
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